Vaudou Du Mont Des Ermites
Blue merle C/W

Touchstone Perfect Storm
Black C/W
Artistics It Had To Be Fate

Touchstone Talisman
Ridgeviews Bluegrass Arrogance
Just Jazzy of Ironhorse
Ch Patriot Games of Ironhorse
Summertime-Sohapy Tz Sundown
Real Good Du Mont Des Ermites
Red Merle C/W

Touchstone I Spy At Laverton

Silver Birch the Real McCoy
Touchstone Third Degree O'Aran
Opale Du Prince Galant
Jalna Jolie Girl
CH Blazeruby Van Nattrekja
Red C/W
Nl Ch Mooreas Wild Adventure STDs
Blue C/W
Ch Windogos Wild Wild West
Ch Jimmee Blue of Adelaide CD
Ch Windogos Southern Belle
Ch Calais Move Over

Ch Carolina Bayshore Birdcage
Ch Calais Second To None
Zizanie Des Forces Vives
Red C/W

Outlaws Blame It On Rio

Ch Outlaws Legend of the Old West
Outlaws Blaze of Glory
Nymphe De L'etoile Des 3 Bergers Fute
Hyene De L'etoile Des 3 Bergers